Prague Powder #1
Sodium Nitrite Salt
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Sodium Nitrite Salt

Prague Powder #1

Batch Code: 2005067

Curing salt

Date Information
Purchased: 01-Nov-18

Supplied / Made By:

Surfy Curing Supplies []

Surfy's Home Curing Supplies

Surfy's design, blend and test all their own seasonings. Their seasonings contain only the best herbs and spices we can find, no carrier oils, artificial colours or flavours. They even dry some herbs and spices their selves in their own desiccators to ensure that they are the best we can get. Just like us! Their ham & bacon cures and nitrite curing salt are all made from Certified Organic Kosher Sea Salt pre-mixed to precise standards so we can safely make our bacon.

General Product Information

Used at 2.5g per 1kg of meat. Sodium Nitrite is used to keep our products safe.