Black pepper and juniper
Curious Bacon
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Curious Bacon

Black pepper and juniper

Batch Code: BAC251

A juniper berry is the female seed cone produced by the various species of junipers. It is not a true berry but a cone with unusually fleshy and merged scales, which gives it a berry-like appearance. The cones from a handful of species, especially Juniperus communis, are used as a spice, particularly in European cuisine, and also give gin its distinctive flavour. Juniper berries may be the only spice derived from conifers!

The flavour profile of young, green berries is dominated by pinene; as they mature this piney, resinous backdrop is joined by what Harold McGee describes as "green-fresh" and citrus notes. The outer scales of the berries are relatively flavourless, so the berries are almost always at least lightly crushed before being used as a spice. They are used both fresh and dried, but their flavour and odour are at their strongest immediately after harvest and decline during drying and storage. We buzz our berries down to an almost powder and combine with salt in our cure.

Juniper berries are used in northern European and particularly Scandinavian cuisine to "impart a sharp, clear flavour" to meat dishes, especially wild birds (including thrush, blackbird, and woodcock) and game meats (including boar and venison). They also season pork, cabbage, and sauerkraut dishes. Traditional recipes for choucroute garnie, an Alsatian dish of sauerkraut and meats, universally include juniper berries. Besides Norwegian and Swedish dishes, juniper berries are also sometimes used in German, Austrian, Czech, Polish and Hungarian cuisine, often with roasts (such as German sauerbraten). Northern Italian cuisine, especially that of the South Tyrol, also incorporates juniper berries.

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, known as a peppercorn, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. When fresh and fully mature, the fruit is about 5 mm (0.20 in) in diameter and dark red, and contains a single seed, like all drupes (stone fruits). Peppercorns and the ground pepper derived from them may be described simply as pepper, or more precisely as black pepper (cooked and dried unripe fruit), green pepper (dried unripe fruit), or white pepper (ripe fruit seeds).

Black pepper is native to present-day South India, and is extensively cultivated there and elsewhere in tropical regions. Producing 36% of the world total in 2018, Vietnam is the largest producer and exporter of pepper.

Ground, dried and cooked peppercorns have been used since antiquity, both for flavour and as a traditional medicine. Black pepper is the world's most traded spice, and is one of the most common spices added to cuisines around the world. Its spiciness is due to the chemical compound piperine, which is a different kind of spicy from the capsaicin characteristic of chili peppers. It is ubiquitous in the modern world as a seasoning.

Date Information
Use By: 11-Dec-20
Manufactured: 29-Oct-20
Sell By: 11-Dec-20
Best Before: 11-Dec-20

Supplied / Made By:

The Curiosities Company Ltd []

The best bacon producer in the world

This is ourselves. We produce and supply ourselves and many others.

General Product Information

This is simply the best bacon money can buy anywhere in the world. Usually flavoured with seasonally available local herbs, spices and fruits picked from the hedges or our garden. Always packed in our amazing home compostable plasticfree packaging.

Was created by this process

Cure Bacon

Process Information

Cure Bacon

Process used to cure bacon


We use a very manual dry curing method to cure our bacon.
Firstly the bellies are washed in cold water, cut in half and weighed.
Using our own curing recipe we add sufficient Sea Salt and Sodium Nitrite to create a safe cure. To this we add a mixture of flavours to create the cure flavour.
The meat is then sealed into a Plastic Free bag for at least 10 days to cure at a temperature of around 3C. It is massaged at least 3 times each week.
Once cured, it is removed from the bag and air dried in our converted fridges between 2C and 5C for at least 21 days.
Once dried it is hand cut on our old HOBART slicing machine (which incidentally we're told was originally installed in the kitchens at the Lloyds Headquarters in London).
The slices are weighed to create packs of at least 200g minimum. These are vacuum sealed and put into our bespoke outer packs made from FSC 100% certified components.

Cure start: 2020-09-23
Dry start: 2020-10-06
Cut and pack start: 2020-10-29

Used the following 4 ingredients

Ingredient - #1

Pork Belly [Tamworth Pork Belly]

Batch Code: BELLY280

Supplied directly by Paddock Farm Butchery from Paddock Farm.
Slaughtered at Long Compton Abbattoir.
Breed: Tamworth
Mother: Katra
Father: Jordan
Ear tags: 2092, 2097, 2098
Born: 2020-03-10
Killed: 2020-09-17
Butchered by: Jon Francis

Supplied By:

Paddock Farm []

Specialist producer of rare breed Tamworth Pigs

Producing great meat is all about raising the finest animals in the best environment possible.

At the heart of everything Paddock Farm does is the farm and their herd of native-breed Tamworth pigs. As well as supplying delicious pork, sausages, bacon and charcuterie, the farm sets a benchmark for welfare, animal husbandry and quality. Working with other similar minded producers and suppliers they are able to stock beef, pork, lamb, poultry and game of a quality that is second to none.

The farm is proud to supply many of the country’s top chefs with well raised, properly aged, respectfully butchered meat – they can count more than 40 Michelin stars amongst their customers and restaurants.

And best of all they also supply us at the Curiosities Company Ltd.

Date Information
Purchased: 19-Sep-20

Ingredient - #2

Pure Sea Salt [Pure Sea Salt]

Batch Code: 20025

Packed by GJ at Halen Môn

Supplied By:

Halon Môn []

Sea Salt Manufacturer

Halon Môn are based in one of the loveliest parts of Wales. They source their salt from the Menai Straits. After graduating from Bangor University, where where the founders had fallen in love with each other and the island of Anglesey, they started looking for ways that would allow them to continue to live and work in this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

In 1997, they left a saucepan of seawater to boil on the Aga in their family kitchen aga and as the salt crystals started to form, they knew they'd struck culinary gold. In 1999, they started supplying Halen Môn Sea Salt to Swains, their local butchers in Menai Bridge on the Isle of Anglesey, and now we use it too.

We love this story and love their products and any company that has not one, but two dogs on their "Who are we" page definitely deserve to be suppliers!

Date Information
Purchased: 01-Mar-19
Best Before: 31-Jan-24

Ingredient - #3

Flavour [Black Pepper and Juniper]

Batch Code: BPJ20200923


Supplied By:

The Curiosities Company Ltd []

The best bacon producer in the world

This is ourselves. We produce and supply ourselves and many others.

Date Information
Manufactured: 23-Sep-20

Ingredient - #4

Sodium Nitrite Salt [Prague Powder #1]

Batch Code: 2005067

Curing salt

Supplied By:

Surfy Curing Supplies []

Surfy's Home Curing Supplies

Surfy's design, blend and test all their own seasonings. Their seasonings contain only the best herbs and spices we can find, no carrier oils, artificial colours or flavours. They even dry some herbs and spices their selves in their own desiccators to ensure that they are the best we can get. Just like us! Their ham & bacon cures and nitrite curing salt are all made from Certified Organic Kosher Sea Salt pre-mixed to precise standards so we can safely make our bacon.

Date Information
Purchased: 01-Nov-18