Fennel and Cider Beer Sticks
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Fennel and Cider Beer Sticks

Batch Code: SALTPIG003

Beer sticks - the perfect snack with a glass of wine or a beer. We make a Garlic and Pepper version as well as a Cotswold Chorizo and also a Fennel and Cider one.

They come four sticks to a pack (min. 60g)

Date Information
Purchased: 18-Mar-20
Use By: 17-Sep-20
Sell By: 17-Sep-20
Best Before: 17-Sep-20

Supplied / Made By:

Salt Pig Curing Ltd [http://www.saltpigcuring.co.uk]

Artisan maker of fine charcuterie

SaltPig Curing Company is a small artisanal company, set up from a chef’s perspective, which aims to create the best salamis and cured meats in the UK. The produce and livestock available in the UK and, in particular, the Cotswolds are second to none and paired with a determination for perfection can be turned into world class charcuterie.

General Product Information

We've had a close association with the wonderful Salt Pig Curing company for sometime. In this time of Covid-19 we've teamed up with Ben and his team to help promote Salt Pig products alongside ours. Simon has spent a lot of time working with Ben in late 2019 and knows the products well. Salt Pig adhere to the same principles as the Curiosities Company and we're excited to be offering their products here.