About The Curiosities Company Ltd

The Curiosities Company Ltd was set-up by me, Simon Warrick, in June 2017.

For many years I have worked in IT. In 2003 I co-founded Historic Futures Ltd (http://historicfutures.com). I spent the next 15 or so years helping big and small companies tell the story behind their products using an innovative web based software product called "String". Sadly that came to an end, and I found myself unwilling to do something ordinary and wanting to do something completely different for a while..

..and the different thing is this..

Office space for co-working, a commercial kitchen, a love of food, enjoyment of working with others, teaching people new skills and wanting to see Charlbury town centre thriving.

A few years ago, a bunch of homeworkers in Charlbury got together to try and use some public space for hot-desking. We couldn't get it to work on a non-commercial and restricted basis. The idea percolated in my mind. Eventually leading me to connect a number of ideas together and make it possible..

Since I was a young lad I have loved food. Since I first got my own plot of land in my father's garden back in the mid 1970s I have grown food at every opportunity. As I grew up and eventually owned my own property, this passion expanded. First growing a few herbs in the back yard, and then onto tending allotments. Now in my larger garden, I have numerous raised beds, hugelkultur beds and a greenhouse as well as countless pots of herbs. In more recent times I have become fascinated by how we used to preserve excess produce for all year consumption. I've started to use these old techniques which not only preserve but add magic to the products they are used on. There are health benefits too, it really is a fascinating subject..

The Curiosities Company Ltd was born in my mind in the early part of 2017. I started looking at whether or not I could find somewhere to work locally, that could provide office space and a kitchen. Then I heard that the Old Deli building was going to become vacant. I was looking for a good excuse to have some premises where I could make cures, preserves, ferments and pickles. I couldn't do it at home. It seemed like a perfect opportunity

As I type this (24th Jan 2018), many people have tried my bacon and other preserves and loved them. More will get an opportunity. I've completely done up the Old Deli, there are desks installed and people have rented them and keep coming back again and again.. Currently I'm waiting for Listed Building Consent so I can get on and finish the kitchen in the basement and I've completed the formalities of registering a food business.

If you'd like to know more please register your interest using the link at the top right of this page and I'll be in touch as everything develops.