Curious Bacon™

Arguably some of the very best bacon available anywhere in the world. Made from the best ingredients, personally sourced by the Curiosities Company from the finest suppliers in the UK.
Flavour is so important, read about ours below. Its also packed in totally plastic free home compostable packaging. The first pre-packed bacon available in the UK in plastic-free packaging.

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Bacon packaging

All our bacon packs are made to very high environmental standards. The outer pack is made of FSC 100% card. This all comes from sustainably managed forests. The inner lining is made from a biofilm which conforms to the OK Home composting standard. Leave no footprint.

Meat is a treat. All our pork is from the best local freerange pigs we can find. Mostly rarebreed pigs. The salt used for curing is from Halen Mon on Anglesey.

Chilli and Thyme

Chilli and Thyme. I developed this flavour for the winter to replace the Chilli and Raspberry summer bacon. The chilli leaves a subtle hot note on the bacon, and the thyme gives a warm meaty flavour.

Particularly good with some of our limited edition "Brutalism" or "Tricati" chilli sauce, ask me for details. There are only limited stocks of these special sauces available. Made from home grown and organic scotch bonnets.

Oak smoked sea salt

Oak Smoked Sea Salt. We use this superb sea salt from the wonderful Halen Mon on Anglesey to make a very subtly smoked bacon without smoking. The smokyness comes from the oak wood used in its production.

The salt comes from the same crystal clear waters of the Menai Straits as the salt we use as the main ingredient in our curing process. Only the best will do. Pop in one day, and test the smell..

Black Pepper and Bay

Black Pepper and Bay. Without a doubt our most popular flavour. Folks keep coming back for more of this. The flavours of chopped bay leaves and freshly ground black pepper seep deeply into this bacon. The darkness of the ingredients give the edges and rind of the bacon a distinct meaty look.

Superb between a couple of pieces of sourdough with a dash of black garlic ketchup.

Fennel and Juniper

Fennel and Juniper. Fennel is such a great spice to use for flavour. The slightly aniseed/liquorice taste works so well with the Juniper. I start with whole Fennel seed and Juniper berries and grind them in a coffee grinder. Using whole spices as the raw ingredients brings out much more flavour. One of my favourites.

From November 2018 all our herbs and spices will be extirely certified organic, home grown or locally foraged.

Curing Now
Fennel and Thyme

Fennel and Thyme. The combination of whole milled Fennel seeds and Thyme leaves was the flavour I first used when I cured bacon. It was such a good flavour, its become one of the backbones of the range of flavours we make. I'm keen to try different types of thyme over the coming months, as some are quite distinctive.

This flavour in particular gives off the most amazing aromas during cooking. I'm salivating, as I type this!